HTML / CSS coding

We specialize in the coding of responsive websites and newsletters.

We're following latest trends, using the right methodologies and procedures. Our code for you will be perfectly optimised and valid for any web browser, search tool or social media platform, enhanced by important metadata and microformats.

  • Responsive design

    Our templates are always fully responsive. We usually need just a desktop version preview and we'll do the rest on our own.

  • Data optimization

    We minimize the size of all resource data so your web presentation can load as fast as possible. Both search engine bots and users will love it.

  • BEM methodology

    We like to use the BEM methodology. It's because its strictly defined rules for naming the CSS elements. Thanks to this anyone is later able to read and understand the code even without extensive documentation.

  • Frameworks Bootstrap and Tailwind CSS

    We can use any framework on demand and e.g. build your website on the latest version of Bootstrap or Tailwind. We can also suggest the best framework for your project.

  • Interactive design

    We love it when things are moving (the right direction, of course). And so we love to bring some movement in a way of cool interactions to any web presentation to help the users and to give them the best experience we can.

  • JavaScript programming

    Difficult JavaScrips programming is not a problem for us. Just give us the specification of functional features, deadlines and you can expect perfect outputs from us.

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